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Audi A9 prologue

Audi A9 prologue

Be honest - a superclass Audi wants so many Audi fan as wagon version - an Audi A9 prologue would be there just right.

The desire is as old as the rumor. Since Audi with the Audi V8 boarded the upper class in the 1980s, there was sympathy in the community always desires that called for a wagon version of the top model.

The retired by all model variants, from designated V8 up to the current A8.Und plenty of rumors, predictions and studies. They had names like Audi Avantissimo sonorous in 2001, or Audi Avant prologue. The latter is from 2014, the most recent study - and certainly the most promising. Audi is thus showing its future direction for design, technology and Varianten.Dass it Audi very seriously my might, shows that even the Avant model was shown from the first study, the more defined the Prologue as a coarse-grained drawing rather than coupe-like show car a short time later. Was shown at the Auto Shanghai in China even as a concept of the Audi Allroad variant prologue last in April 2015th These are things that can arouse respect to a station wagon version of the superclass hopes.

The Audi Avant prologue has been as impressive show car values. With 5.11 meters in length and two meters in width, the space conditions are likely to be more than generous. To do this is not underpowered with capacities up to 734 hp at the hybrid version with safety.

And even if it is intended to give the A8 in no wagon version - the competition makes this at its top sedans as not - perhaps a whole new line with the name Audi A9?

When GT and Avant variant? It would be conceivable that, because already the A7 represents a similar concept to the A6. Granted, the there are a combi - pardon, as Avant.

However - if you reread in forums and other social media platforms, there is obviously a not exactly small group of buyers for an upper class estate.
And as the competition so far makes no effort when it comes to upper-class station wagon, Audi would have thus a unique feature, with which you honored sympathizers of this model variant poach from competitors dürfte.Auf the A9 was in 2015 released a test track for autonomous driving, which is now being expanded. Automakers and technology companies are waiting in the wings.

A year has passed, it has been since the Ingolstadt carmaker Audi, which is already possible in the autonomous driving. A A7 drove the 900 kilometers route from San Francisco to Las Vegas itself - without the driver engagement. Automobile manufacturers and technology companies worldwide to hone technologies that make self-propelled cars possible.

Many functions are now already as assistance systems in production models - when parking, lane keeping or brakes. In ten years cars will take the helm in the road completely, so the expectations in the industry.

Microelectronics is in the heart of the car
Technically this is already widely possible. Solutions provide companies like Infineon. At the headquarters of technology companies at the Campeon site in Neubiberg is Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) made a picture of the state of technological development.

For Infineon, the theme has a special meaning. The company makes 40 percent of its sales with products for the automotive industry. "At the moment breaks a new automotive spring," says CEO Reinhard Ploss overlooking autonomous driving. Infineon will supply the technical requirements.

"Microelectronics is in the heart of the car. Without us it's not, "said Ploss. So, for example, inserted in the central driving assist control unit (ZFAS), the 2017 with the next generation of the Audi A8 go into series production, technology from Infineon. The system calculates using radar and ultrasonic sensors, laser scanners and cameras in real time around a model of the car and provides the information to the assistance systems available. Another example: A developed among others by Infineon driver monitoring to reduce the number of accidents due to inattention or fatigue. Here, a camera films the driver and detects when closing the eyelids or the head falls forward. In two to three years, the new technology will go into series production.

"If you want to look at the automotive future, you have to go to Infineon," says Dobrindt. The minister in 2015, the project "test field freeway" started, in which also the state of Bavaria, the automotive industry and the IT industry are involved. A stretch of the A9 motorway between Munich and Nuremberg was released for autonomous driving. "Companies from Germany and other countries to test technologies for automated driving here," said Dobrindt. "You need it no longer in the United States." At the moment it is with 50 sub-companies in this week - including with Infineon. Angedacht the test track must be equipped with radar sensors of Munich. Soon the test operation will be also extended to the city traffic. "We are currently using the city of Ingolstadt in conversation to find suitable Neighborhood," said Transport Minister Dobrindt.Der assumes that "vehicles will be in five years with highly automated functions on the streets". Before the car can take control completely, but the legal framework for it must first be created. The Vienna Convention on traffic from 1968 stipulates that each vehicle must have a driver. In the United States, in turn, other rules apply - the driver should always have one foot on the brake. Difficult to reconcile with self-driving cars.
Last year, the transport ministers of the G7 countries agreed to provide uniform international rules, make autonomous driving possible. A working group headed by Dobrindts Ministry is currently developing the legal framework. "A strategy to the next meeting of transport ministers in September in Japan present" Dobrindt announced in Munich. A schedule furthermore do not give it yet though. And so it will remain until further notice in the test operation.

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