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Water - a precious natural resource

Water - a precious natural resource

Water is one of the most precious natural resources. We can not live without it, but we behave as if we deserve. Globally, water sources are rare: less than 1% of the water on Earth is good for consumption, and over 1.2 billion people - almost a fifth of the world's population - have no access to drinking water sources. Fortunately, in Europe, almost everywhere water is plentiful, although in parts of southern Europe, such as Spain, water shortages and droughts are becoming more frequent.

In Europe, the main problem is not the quantity but the quality of water sometimes leaves to be desired. About 35% of Europe's water comes from surface water - lakes and rivers - which are affected by pollution. The remaining 65% comes from groundwater - rainwater seepage into the ground, forming underground water basins. Tap water is safe to drink nearly everywhere in Europe but before it is sent through pipelines, should be treated. This is a costly but necessary because water can be contaminated by fertilizers and pesticides.
industrial chemicals or germs from human or animal litter. The main pollutants are fertilizers and pesticides. On contact with water, they are transported to streams and rivers, and from there into the sea. Reducing pollution is extremely important, not only for the conservation of drinking water, but also for the protection of animals that live in rivers, lakes and seas. Although in the past 30 years in the EU have taken measures to reduce pollution, more needs to be done and we too can contribute to this effort.

The marine environment is vital for life on earth
Oceans and seas cover 71% of the globe and include 90% of all living organisms on the planet. Europe's marine waters cover 3,000,000 km2, ie the same area as the mainland. Marine ecosystems helps us in many ways: play a decisive role in shaping climate and weather events and absorb the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere due to human activities. The seas and oceans are the major source of food, a pillar of economic prosperity through fishing and tourism, and invaluable to our health and welfare.

Without water we can not speak of life, The structure of our physical percentage of approximately 70% water of which we are trained, we are right to say it. We are born with almost 90% of water in physical constitution and die when we reach the level of 50-60%. It is said that we do not die of old age, die when we are completely dehydrated and functionality may no longer carry the entire manifest! And saying this, I can give you right now that there is nothing more important than optimal hydration and Understand how and quantities needed for this process. Well, from where we get water, how the body hydrated?
The water we drink in the morning on an empty stomach, accustomed as you take a shower to clean the outside, take a shower and your interior. Their famous Japanese technique for the prevention and treatment of diseases through consumption of 600 ml of water in the morning immediately after waking up, obviously, on an empty stomach! Medical outcomes and confirmed over time, allow us to mention all good and healthy about this habit. Personally, every morning, 600 ml of water heated to the temperature that can be drunk and squeeze half a lemon. So I start my mornings, and so I advise you, it is the best start for metabolism, usually morning best.
There are many thoughts that come to my mind to tell them about water consumption, try to shorten the information, to be more specific and point out a few important rules of water consumption:
1. Drink water on an empty stomach or after meals never served dilutes the gastric juices, softening at all favorable fats in the presence of cold water and many other arguments all come to support this call.
2. Every time you feel the acute need to eat, note that we do not decipher the received signal exactly, it is thirsty or hungry us? The first act is to drink a large glass of water, then after 10-15 minutes you can go and serve a snack or meal.
3. Another important information: before each meal to eat a large glass of water. Hydrated and stop in a 'gobble' food, the 'hungry', compulsive, felt the move times, many of us!
4. When you dine at least 1 hour (preferably 2!) Do not drink water. It is recommended hot tea, herbal tea or hot green, never sweetened. They can be served as well, during each meal. It is said that man evolved, who understood something of existence and reporting for the environment, do not sit at the table with a warm herbal tea!
5. Spring water is a miracle of nature with a high pH alkaline water, always enjoy it! But the city every day, do not have this privilege, so always choose plain water, bottled in glass (first option) or plastic (the second option). Details of choice are, I can not just mention when we talk about a subject so important!
6. Tap water in our city and across the county, is compromised and is not intended to be used for hydration. Accustomed to taking water from wells located in the city, accustomed you to change the fountain, every month. Change minerals and change the amount of unwanted assimilation of some of them, that are excess to the body.
7. A few drops of lemon juice are beneficial, pH climbs, handy if you do not hesitate to use such water.
8 and a few drops of alcoholic extract, tincture, or any change its surface tension, i.e. the penetration into the cells and promotes optimum hydration.
9. Remember to always drink water when you are served with something, ask for a glass of plain water. Before any snack before coffee, drink plain water întotdeauana!
10. I ask the smallest discomfort felt that we do it? Drink a glass of water! That's right! Every half hour I urge you to drink a glass of 200 ml of water, at least, to avoid acute sensation of thirst. When you feel it, thirsty mean you have a strong dehydration and is not healthy at all.
Whole life is sustained, both for us and for the whole surrounding by water. About the memory of water, about how stucturare of its Kogen about water or alkaline water is spoken more and more lately.

When we understand that adult degenerative diseases are caused by the accumulation of acid waste, there will be no doubt that the use of water, especially alkaline water, improves our health. To live a long life with health, we must first remove acidic wastes in our body. Certain foods, such as meat, dairy products, fried foods, canned or wrong combination of foods causes the body to create the conditions for acidosis. Liquids such as coffee, alcoholic beverages or sodas, creates high acidity in the body. According to experiments made by Sang Whang, author of "Reversing the aging process" to neutralize the effect of a single glass of cola (pH 2.5) needed 32 glasses of plain water (measurement was made with tap water in Florida).

            All metabolic processes lymph circulation, eliminate waste, cranial work, the whole state of health are influenced directly by well hydrated. Do not drink the water or, now after what you read, you realize you do not drink enough? Not go ahead, tomorrow, at least 2 liters of water to drink, as recommended above. You'll be surprised to feel a loss of 1-3 kg, from the first week, you feel invigorated and ... you'll eat less.
Health and diet conscious choices everyday!

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